Web Time Wasters: Roundup of the best in health & happiness this week

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This week was for catching up with friends and one adorable baby, making plans for winter business projects and going to Costa Rica! I arrived on Thursday afternoon and I’m here until mid November to soak up the sunshine and get my yoga on. 

This is probably the best way to cook Sunday morning eggs

I love this before bed routine from a sleep expert 

This post knows me too well

Here’s how to get back into that habit you stopped

How delicious does this look? Ps. who else sings ‘Fergalicious‘ every time they spell ‘delicious’ 

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Reading Roundup: The Best in Health & Happiness

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This week was for travelling to British Columbia to take prenatal yoga teacher training. After a 5 am wake up call, a plane, a train, a bus and a shuttle I made it! I’ll be gone for a little while longer so the blog and my social media will be a bit quiet. In the meantime here are the best posts on health and happiness from this week!

Get rid of chronic fatigue for good!

Renting is the new black. I wish this was in Canada!

Join the 21 day Health and Happiness Challenge to create a life you love!

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Reading Roundup: The Best of Health & Happiness This Week

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This week was for getting ready for my trip to Whistler next week, spending some extra time in the sunshine, bonfires & teaching new private yoga classes. This weekend I’m celebrating my brothers birthday and relaxing a little bit more before a crazy 10 days of prenatal yoga teacher training. 

Here are the best posts from this week…

Improve your wellth with these simple changes

I am obsessed with zucchini this summer. These look so delicious!

Health doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these basic rules to see changes fast. 

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5 Steps To Build Delicious & Exciting Salads

5 Steps to build exciting and delicious salads

Salads are one of the most versatile meals you can make. Sometime they can be pretty boring though. Follow these simple steps to make your salads exciting and delicious. 

Learning to make delicious and exciting salads is probably the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re working towards health and happiness.

I’m sure you’ve been in the situation before when you’re trying to eat better and you make the same boring salad every day for lunch. Nothing will make you binge more than eating boring food!

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Reading Roundup: The Best of Health & Happiness This Week

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This week was for starting to tie up lose ends before my trip to Whistler in a couple weeks, tests meal prep for the upcoming Health & Happiness 7 Day Meal Plan, taking a break from reality tv after last weekends binge, and having tea with friends. 

Here are the best posts on health & happiness from this week…

Do you ever use mantra in your yoga practice?

If you haven’t read Barack Obamas essay on feminism, now is the time to do it.

Happiness comes from living simply, while caring for our world.’ 

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