Reading Roundup: The Best of Health & Happiness This Week

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This week was for early bedtimes, testing fresh summer recipes, visiting with girlfriends and doing a photoshoot! This weekend I’m heading out of town for a family wedding which will hopefully involve a lot of dancing and a couple glasses of wine. 

Here are the best articles this week to entertain and inspire you!

The easiest way to get rid of tension

Have you been thinking of becoming a yoga teacher but somethings holding you back? Read this to let go of those worries

I’m loving Amber Rose and this article solidified her greatness

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Caesars: Bloody Mary’s cooler, and better tasting, cousin

How To Make An All Canadian Caesar Cocktail

Caesars are my go-to drink in the summer. They pair perfectly with nachos, sitting on the deck, and having a good time. Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write about this, I just love supporting brave brands that care about their customers and the planet.

If you’ve never heard of a Caesar cocktail, not the delicious salad, it’s okay. You just haven’t spent enough time in Canada!

Caesars are a vodka drink made with tomato juice mixed with clam juice, sounds gross but stay with me here, and spices. 

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Reading Roundup: The Best of Health & Happiness This Week

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This week was for…working my butt of because I’m going camping this weekend, making extra time for my yoga practice and coming up with delicious new recipes. This weekend I’ll be away for my boyfriends family reunion, wish me luck!

Here’s the best posts of the week to get you through your weekend happy & healthy…

A simple change in mindset could make your next workout easier

Is your breakfast dessert in disguise

Here’s how to prevent the most common type of injury

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Meal Planning – 5 reasons you need to start now

Meal Planning

Meal planning is the easiest way to create a healthy lifestyle!

Meal planning and prep days have been super popular lately. Personally, I love to meal plan for the week and have a prep day where I get everything ready to go. We’re busy, ladies! Gone are the days of making a fancy dinner to be on the table at 5 pm every night. Now we go out with friends, cook for one, or eat at our desks – which I wouldn’t encourage but hey, it happens sometimes. 

With the invention of Pinterest, the growth of online Nutritionists and the popularity of healthy lifestyles it’s become even easier to start meal planning. 

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The Natural Sunscreen That You Need This Summer

Natural Sunscreen July 2016

Tartegaurd is the natural sunscreen that every brave babe needs to have. This post is not sponsored. I’m just in love with this sunscreen.

Recently I discovered the paradise that is Sephora. 

I went in looking for bronzer, and I walked away with that plus an amazing natural sunscreen Tartegaurd. This is special to me for two reasons. One, it’s paraben and phthalate free (more on that later) and second, it doesn’t smell like cheap coconut scented sunscreen that I wore when I was 12. So for people who say that the chemicals in sunscreen are more dangerous than the sun itself, I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. 

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