3 myths of meal planning – plus a free healthy holiday planner

3-myths-of-meal-planningMeal planning has been the biggest game changer for me to eat better, reach my goals and feel happier about my health journey. It’s helped me create a life I love by creating clarity in my diet and helping me stay on track with eating well.

I love meal planning so much but I don’t always hear good things about it from other people. 

There are a lot of myths about meal planning but you know what those myths really are? Excuses.

They’re excuses to stay trapped in a mediocre life because making a change can be scary. I hear you! Making changes that help you lose weight, feel better, have more energy and create a life you love can be terrifying because you’re entering the unknown. 

Trust me though, once you make those changes you’ll find that the unknown is fucking fantastic and you’ll never want to go back to being tired, sick and hating your life. 

Myth 1: Meal planning is complicated

If you’ve tried meal planning before did you throw in the towel after 5 minutes? Was it was just too complicated? Did you get confused from all the recipes and options? How do you know what meals to cook, what ingredients to get, when you’ll have time to cook it all?

There are so many different plans out there too? Paleo? Vegetarian? Low fat? No sugar? Gluten free? What do you choose!

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Start with one meal, for one day. You’ll be home on Thursday night so make your favourite baked pasta. Easy. 

You’ll probably have leftovers so pack some for lunch the next day and add a small salad. Friday night you’re going out with the girls so you don’t need to worry about supper. Done.

On Saturday you’ll be home all day so take the extra salad from lunch and add a chicken breast. While you’re making the chicken marinate a couple extra pieces to have for supper with that same salad and add baked sweet potato, carrots and onions. 

On Sunday throw the leftover baked vegetables into a pot with some coconut milk and curry powder and you’ve got a warming soup to enjoy with some crusty bread.

There’s the majority of your week planned in no time, with only a few ingredients and nothing complicated.

Myth 2: Meal planning is expensive

When you get started meal planning you need fancy ingredients, tons of storage containers and kitchen tools that you don’t know how to use like spiralizers. Right?

Not to mention the ingredients you throw out because you only use them for one meal. What a waste of money.

Meal planning doesn’t have to be expensive. 

In the plan above you probably already have pasta, tomato sauce and spices. When you go to the store all you need to get in chicken and some vegetables and since you’re reusing the leftovers nothings going to waste.

If you plan it well then you’ll actually save money on groceries each week because you won’t be guessing at what you’ll eat. You’ll end up using everything you bought so nothing will go to waste. 

Some weeks I save $40 on my grocery bill just by taking the time to make a good plan. That extra savings adds up so I can go out for nice meals on the weekend or buy a better bottle of wine.

Myth 3: Meal planning takes a lot of time

Planning, grocery shopping, cooking, meal planning takes so much time! You already have trouble squeezing everything into your week as is and now you’re supposed to add all this?

Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not true, love.

Making a good plan takes about 10 minutes. Start by writing down every meal you have plans for like work lunches and girls nights. Then I like to start with breakfast because it’s the easiest since I eat the same thing everyday. From there, pick one meal like we did in myth 1 and build off of that. Before you know it your week will be planned. 

You have to go to the grocery store every week anyways but now since you have a specific plan you’ll be out faster. Time saved.

Would you rather spend a couple hours on Sunday meal prepping or spend an hour every night preparing, cooking and packaging that days meal? I don’t know about you but option one sounds best to me. Chop all your vegetables and put them together then when it’s time to make supper all you have to do is dump them out and they’re ready to be cooked. You can sit down and enjoy that fancy glass of wine while supper basically cooks itself. You’re welcome.

Meal planning is not as scary as it’s been made out to be. Now you know it’s actually a huge benefit to your week, your health and your happiness. I’ve made it even sweeter by including a downloadable healthy holiday meal planner for free. It includes space to write down all your plans, schedule your grocery shopping and meal prepping, make your grocery lists and tips to keep on track with your health over the holidays. 

Meal planning is one of the simplest things you can do to keep you on track with your health goals.

What’s been holding you back from meal planning? 


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