5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life with Health & Happiness

Spring clean your body, mind & soul to make room for your goals.

I grew up in a home with lots of stuff. It was always normal to me. My bedroom in high school was an absolute mess. I know every mom probably says this about their teenager but my room was on another level.

I literally had a clean path from my door to my bed that was just wide enough to walk through, the rest of the floor was covered in things. 

My queen sized bed was taken over by magazines and clothes with just enough room left for me to sleep on. 

My chaotic teenage mind thrived in a chaotic room. 

It wasn’t until I moved in with my current boyfriend that I started to move towards minimalism. 

When we started dating and I spent more time at his house I realized how calm I felt without so many things around. Now that I live here I’ve been very selective about what I’ve brought over.

Something amazing has happened by doing this.

Each time I get rid of something, I feel better.

When my desk isn’t covered in papers and candles I feel more focused and get more work done.

I relax more easily when my living room isn’t littered with knick knacks and homeless decorations.

My cooking is better because I can feel creative in a kitchen that has space on the counters and I’m not digging around to find what I need.

How you live sends a message to the Universe

Have you ever noticed that people who live in a mess have lives that are a mess?

Or that the woman who always has it together has a more minimal lifestyle?

It’s not a coincidence!

When you have less stuff and less mess you have less to think and worry about. 

You feel more calm because you’re not searching for your keys every morning.

When you’re not spending every weekend sorting through junk you have more time for fun.

And most importantly when you have space in your home you tell the Universe that you have space in your life.

I truly believe that when all your drawers, cupboards and closets are full you tell the Universe that you don’t have any more room in your life. No thank you Universe, my life is full of shit I don’t like so I don’t have any room for your gifts. 

When you free yourself from stuff you create space for new opportunities to come to you. 

Stuff isn’t the only thing that takes up room in your life

Of course, getting rid of things you don’t need is important but the way you think and behave may be even more powerful.

Every day you create your reality. Everything you say and everything you do shows the world what you’re about. 

When you do a Spring Clean on your life you will be shouting to the Universe ‘I’m ready for new, amazing opportunities.’

I think that Spring is a much better time to change your life than January. The weather is nicer, nature is coming back to life and the sun is shining for much longer. 

This is the right time to create a life you love, babe. I want you to stop complaining and start creating a life you love! And luckily, it’s not that complicated…

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Throw out your old habits 

In December you probably thought about all the things you want to change, use that list now! 

Are you still smoking? Still getting drunk every weekend? Do you spend money you don’t have or eat food that you know is bad for you?

Spring Clean your bad habits and literally throw them out. 

Throw your cigarettes in the garbage, dump the vodka down the drain and trash all the junk food you have. Pull a Miranda and pour dish soap over everything so there’s no chance of taking it back out. 

Clean up your thoughts

What you think about everyday becomes what you believe. If you’re always thinking how lame you are, that you need to lose weight or that you’ll never get out of debt then you will be an overweight, broke loser because that’s the life you created. 

To do this well you need to really be aware of your thoughts as they’re happening. 

Pick one thought you want to change. Every time you have that though immediately flip it. So if you’re thinking ‘I’m fat’ then change the thought to ‘I’m beautiful and perfect the way I am.’ If you’re thinking, ‘I’ll never find a good boyfriend’ then think ‘I am lovable and know the perfect man is on his way to me.’

Dump your toxic relationships

You know that friend that always wants to go out and party but forgets her wallet? She’s toxic and needs to go.

The ex-boyfriend who texts you every three months to say how much he misses you then ghosts as soon as you give him another chance, he’s slowly killing you and needs to be out of your life.

Your desk neighbour at work who is always complaining and telling you about the latest terrible thing to happen to her is sucking the life out of you and draining your energy.

Sometimes I wonder how people can have such drama filled relationships because I don’t have any of those. Then I remember that a long time ago I made a choice not to let drama into my life. I have acquaintances that whine, complain and party till their broke but I do not invite those people in to my personal circle. 

Toxic people need to bring you down to their level so they feel better about themselves. Spring Clean these people out of your life. Don’t let them drag you down there! 

If this is someone you’re not too close to, like the ex or work friend, then the move can be swift. Delete and block his number or tell him to fuck off. Don’t encourage your work friend when she starts another bitch fest. Tell her you’re busy and can’t talk right now (and don’t say you’ll talk to her later!).

When it’s someone close to you, like a good friend or family member, you have to be more subtle and do it slowly. Start turning down their invites out and soon they’ll move on to someone else.

Open your windows

Holding everything in is not the way to make change happen. You need to crack open the windows into your heart, mind and soul and let the sunshine in. 

Notice which topics you avoid talking about with other people. Look into why you don’t want to go there. Is it too painful? Will you feel embarrassed?

Journalling is a good place to start and work your way up to sharing with people that you love and feel safe with. A therapist or coach will always be there for you too.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t make you jump with joy 

Get rid of anything in your house that doesn’t excite you. This includes your jeans from high school, workout equipment that you bought from HSC and pictures of your ex.

You’re creating a new you, babe, you don’t need depressing reminders of your past keeping you stuck. 

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, whether that’s your diet, finances or relationships. How are you going to Spring Clean your life?


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