About H+H

You deserve to live a life you love

let's make that happen...

Health & Happiness was created for women just like you.

Women who are looking for something more from their life.

Women who are done with letting life happen to them.

Women who are ready to tap into their power and create a life they love.

Are you...

sick of being tired, bloated and moody?

done with feeling bored with your life?

searching for something more?

ready to make a change and have it stick?

Let me hear a 'hell ya!'

You have the power to create a life you love and I'm here to help you do that like the strong, powerful and badass woman you are.


My Story

Since I was young, without even knowing it, I’ve lived my life with the goal of being healthy and happy. But that wasn't always how it worked out.

Growing up in a small town I knew I was destined for something bigger. Rural Manitoba isn't really a thrilling place. After high school I left my tiny town and moved to Vancouver where my informal education in wellness began. 

This wasn't a glamorous time of my life but it sparked something inside of me that's never died.

During this time, 17 and mostly alone in a big city, I was broke, lonely and a little depressed. But I held onto the voice inside me that told me not to give up. 

I spent the next few years searching for anything that would feed this flame. 

In 2013 life threw me the curveball of my mom getting breast cancer while I was deep in an unhappy and unsupportive relationship. I spent most nights eating a bag of chips for dinner and binge watching reality tv, wishing I had something more. 

I knew I needed a change and leaving my life for a month to become a yoga teacher was just right. When I came home everything changed. 

I was able to step away from my life and see that I'd gone back to feeling lonely and depressed. The situation I was in was unhealthy and slowly draining all the happiness from my life.

I knew I had to take hold of my life. I was the only one who could change it and create a life I loved. I just had to tap back into the power of that 17 year old who left her tiny town to find something more. 

I broke up with that loser, moved back to that tiny town and spent some serious time studying myself and designing my life.

Now, I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. With my experience in those two fields, and a life time of reading every self-help book I could get my hands on, I created Health & Happiness Holistic Wellness. My passion is to inspire women like you and give you the tools to light your fire, ignite your power and live the most epic life you've ever imagined.

PS. My mom is now cancer free and I love living in Manitoba.

My Offerings

Now I’m turning my attention to you! I’m here to share what I’ve learned and inspire you to live your life with health & happiness!

Do you wake up & need three cups of coffee to feel like a human? Do you get so bloated you can't do up your favourite jeans? Are you sick of not liking the way you look? It's not easy to work hard, have a social life & take care of yourself. 

Meal planning is THE THING that has made the biggest change in my health...