What is your bloating tell you? Take the quiz to find out!

Search ‘bloating’ on Pinterest and you’ll get thousands of results. You can make a drink to get rid of your bloating, relieve gas with yoga, stop eating foods that cause bloating or rub on some essential oils.

The problem with all of these quick fixes?

None of them will actually get rid of your bloating for good.

They focus on what to do when you’re already bloated or eliminate so many foods from your diet your left feeling unsatisfied and hungry on a diet of plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli.

I always thought I was normal.

You mean not everyone rushes to the washroom 10 minutes after they eat?

I had felt this way for so long I thought everyones stomach is in knots after eating their favourite pasta and wine.

That’s the funny thing about gut issues, like bloating, gas and poop problems, no one wants to talk about them.

No one wants to tell you how they had to leave a store so they could rush home and use the washroom.

No one wants to share that the 3 days their sewer system was out of service were the some of the most stressful days of the year.

No one wants you to know that the moment they get in their car after work they release all the gas that was keeping them bloated and in pain.

Especially when we live in a world where ‘girls don’t fart’ or ‘girls don’t poop’ is actually beleived by some people.

When did we forget that everybody poops?

You can live a life without bloating

Let me show you what is really causing your bloating and what you can do to make it stop for good! No more wasting time on the internet searching for answers, no more fad dieting, no more wearing a tunic on the beach and no more looking like your 6 months pregnant when you are most definitely not. 


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