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In every relationship disagreements are inevitable, and when it comes to food choices there is a multitude of differing opinions. You may be interested in eating vegetarian, or paleo, or plant-based, or locavore, or following one of the other various food philosophies. But maybe your significant other has no interest in that whatsoever. You and your partner can still thrive in spite of these differences. Here are five tips on how to communicate when your partner isn’t on board with your new way of eating. Live Your Values If you

Fresh AF Salsa to top just about anything When the weather starts to warm up my body craves fresh food. You too? Over the past few years I developed some pretty uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive issues. I finally got them under control a few months ago by eating clean, whole food. Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed that a lot of packaged foods that I used to love will take me right back to those old feelings. Bloated, uncomfortable and unhappy. Salsa is one of those foods that I absolutely

Turmeric is an ancient spice that is perfect for the modern busy woman. Fight stress, colds and poor digestion with a Golden Goddess Latte. The star of the show Turmeric – This spice is the star of this show for good reason. Turmeric has been used in India and South Pacific countries for centuries. The myth of turmeric is that it can be used to prevent and treat tons of different health issues. I’m all for centuries old myths in my own life, I would never recommend something to you, lovely

This red lentil soup has quickly become my go to for busy weeknight dinners. For me there’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with a hot cup of tea, knowing that a delicious pot of soup is boiling away on the stove. Something about soup is so appealing to me. It’s easy to make, heart warming, nurturing and there’s only one pot to clean after! I also love that it cooks itself. I don’t need to constantly watch the pot so I can focus on the rest of my

I’m always looking for ways to drink more water. If I’m not paying attention I can get to mid-afternoon and realize I haven’t had one glass of water yet. But you know I’ve had my coffee. Does this sound like you too? I know that you know you need to drink more water. It reduces bloating, improves digestion, keeps your skin healthy and helps to avoid headaches. So instead of giving you a lecture here are the ways that help me drink more water in a day. Drink more water

Meal planning has been the biggest game changer for me to eat better, reach my goals and feel happier about my health journey. It’s helped me create a life I love by creating clarity in my diet and helping me stay on track with eating well. I love meal planning so much but I don’t always hear good things about it from other people.  There are a lot of myths about meal planning but you know what those myths really are? Excuses. They’re excuses to stay trapped in a mediocre life because

Learning to make delicious and exciting salads is probably the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re working towards health and happiness. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation before when you’re trying to eat better and you make the same boring salad every day for lunch. Nothing will make you binge more than eating boring food! 5 easy steps to making exciting salads Pick a green base. Choose one or two of your favourite greens and make them a little less than half of your salad. Who

As I told you a couple weeks ago, I’m going to school to become a holistic nutritionist. As soon as I picked up this shirt I knew I had to use this quote in my future practice. I just feel that it perfectly sums up my beliefs on health. I used to say “everything in moderation, including moderation,” meaning you shouldn’t gorge yourself on cookies and cake but that occasional treat or late night out isn’t going to hurt you. Green Juice Now, Champagne Later is a less serious way of saying the same

One of my favorite things to drink is a smoothie. They’re so easy to mix up to fill me in the morning or give me an energy boost in the afternoon. When I first started making smoothies I would search the internet for recipes and they would have some crazy ingredient in them that I would have to go buy. I was also never sure what items would taste good together so I just didn’t make them that often. Lately I’ve been stocking up on the basics for smoothies and