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Welcome to The Holistic Entrepreneur! The home for ambitious babes who want to get energized, kick stress & feel freaking fantastic! Click here to get started…                                   But first… I want to share with you how I can help you as your Holistic Health Coach.  I focus on three areas of your life: Nutrition and how the habits and ideas you’ve developed about the food you eat are effecting your overall health. You’ll learn how to

In every relationship disagreements are inevitable, and when it comes to food choices there is a multitude of differing opinions. You may be interested in eating vegetarian, or paleo, or plant-based, or locavore, or following one of the other various food philosophies. But maybe your significant other has no interest in that whatsoever. You and your partner can still thrive in spite of these differences. Here are five tips on how to communicate when your partner isn’t on board with your new way of eating. Live Your Values If you

Hey, hey, hey! I hope you’ve had a fantastic April, beautiful.  This month was jammed packed for me! Spring is starting here in chilly Manitoba, we had a freak snow storm that fell on the day I was driving in Winnipeg (which gives me major anxiety) to record audio for an exciting yoga project I have coming up (which was also making me nervous). Moral of the story? I came out alive and you can too. Goal for May: Challenge your fears Comment below and tell me how you’re going

Last week we talked about the 3 mistakes you make when you’re going after your health goals. I mentioned at the end that your why is a super important part of your success.  First of all, what is your ‘why’? Basically, your why is the reason behind your goal. It’s the motivation that gets you off the couch when it raining.  It’s why you do what you do. Like I mentioned last week, your why could be: revenge on your ex that told you you weren’t attractive since you gained weight

Going after your health goals can be confusing, stressful and lonely. Here are 3 mistakes you’ve made and how to never make them again. In 2015 I started having some uncomfortable, and frankly embarrassing, issues with my stomach and digestion. It started slowly and then all of a sudden I’d be rushing to the bathroom 10 minutes after I ate. #TMI (I’m a nutritionist, sometimes I forget talking about poop isn’t normal to everybody) I was in the first year of a new relationship and I would worry that if

It’s a really sucky feeling when your people don’t support your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re working towards weight loss, a healthier diet, waking up earlier or saving money. There always seems to be people who want to keep you stuck.  Why is that? The real reason people don’t support your goals Truth bomb: it has nothing to do with you Abso-fucking-lutley nothing.  Your friends and family don’t support your goals because they’re caught up in their own shit.  Everyone has thoughts and perceptions about how the world is and most of us will

The Commandments of Living a Life You Love Living a life that you love doesn’t happen by accident or because of luck. And while for me living a life I love includes going for runs, practicing yoga and eating a paleo type diet that also isn’t want it means to live a life you love.  When you’re creating a life you love there are a few non-negotiable that have nothing to do with what you eat, wear or where you live. But it does have everything to do with how you think, act

5 self-help things that helped me get my shit together Hi, I’m Ally and I’m a self-help junkie. I will devour any self-help book, podcast, tv show or movie that I can get my hands on.  The thing that I love the most about self-help is that there are so many different points of view out there – and every one of them is right (as long as they’re safe, not a scam, and all that ethics stuff). We are all so different, what works for your friend or co-workers, neighbours,

Spring clean your body, mind & soul to make room for your goals. I grew up in a home with lots of stuff. It was always normal to me. My bedroom in high school was an absolute mess. I know every mom probably says this about their teenager but my room was on another level. I literally had a clean path from my door to my bed that was just wide enough to walk through, the rest of the floor was covered in things.  My queen sized bed was taken

How to stay focused on your goal when you’re out of your regular routine My side hustle is being a yoga teacher and I travel pretty often for it. In the past few months I’ve been to three different countries. I also have a quick trip to Vancouver in a few weeks.  I’m totally a creature of habit. I love to know what I’m doing and exactly when I’m doing it or else I will get nothing done. For real, if I don’t plan my day in advance I will

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