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If you haven’t tried the Golden Goddess Turmeric Latte yet, drop what you’re doing and go make it now. Then come back and find out why turmeric is the #1 spice to have in your cupboard.  Maybe January isn’t the best time to set a resolution? Here’s a little change that can help you reach your goals. Cleaning up your diet doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be done in one hour! Since I stopped drinking coffee I’ve been having this instead to help my wake up. Can your

This year was no different than any year before. December starts and past all the Elf showings and Christmas music there’s that little voice that says ‘You need to set a resolution. This year needs to be awesome.’ Every year I fall for it. I fall for the excitement of the new year. I get caught up in buying new planners and colourful pens. I get so fucking pumped to make this the best year ever! And honestly, I did pretty good this year. I haven’t given up exercising, I still

Vague goals will never work. Make them specific and crush them.  I haven’t made a New Years Resolution in well, years. I believe that every moment is a new chance to start again. crush you goals and kick ass at life. With this mind set I’ve recently overhauled my diet and started working out regularly. Bonus points: I’ve lost a few pounds too, mostly because I’m not bloated all the damn time.  It’s impossible to escape the New Year hype though. I’ve still made plans to purge my whole house,

This week was for… discovering I kind of like swimming, being thankful I’m not at home in a blizzard, missing my kitten like nobodies business, running away from toucans and making my first sales from Hungry Happy Healthy.  I’m still in Bali for another week. I’m so excited to get back to Christmas trees, quiet and still mornings, a glass of red wine and wrapping presents in front of the fire. Here’s the best of health & happiness from this week… Maybe this is why French people can eat such

I changed my life and you can too Let’s take a trip back to 2009… I was living in Vancouver, going to school and working three jobs. Every Friday afternoon I would rush from school to go to my job at a clothing store. On the way I would stop and pick up New York fries (because I was a carb-atarian) and a Monster energy drink to get me through the rest of the day.  I didn’t know a lot of people in Vancouver. My sister was there, but she had a life

This week was for relaxing in Bali, visiting ocean temples, watching fire dances, shopping and more shopping and planning exciting projects for the new year. Today also marks the launch of Hungry Happy Healthy, the ultimate 7 day meal plan for busy women! How exciting! Since the spring I’ve been working on creating this meal plan for you. I do what I do because I want to help women succeed and create a life they love. The best way to do this is to take care of your body. I’ve

Hello beautiful! This week was for cuddling with my new kitten, early birthday dinners & parties and jet setting to Bali for another yoga teacher training!  I’ll be there for three weeks seeing monkeys, shopping, yoga-ing & meeting an awesome new group of soon to be teachers. If you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher one day find out more details here. My friend Melissa started an awesome Youtube channel about healthy living & cooking. Her omelette recipe looks amazing, I know I’ll be making it all the time when

Meal planning has been the biggest game changer for me to eat better, reach my goals and feel happier about my health journey. It’s helped me create a life I love by creating clarity in my diet and helping me stay on track with eating well. I love meal planning so much but I don’t always hear good things about it from other people.  There are a lot of myths about meal planning but you know what those myths really are? Excuses. They’re excuses to stay trapped in a mediocre

This week was for travelling to British Columbia to take prenatal yoga teacher training. After a 5 am wake up call, a plane, a train, a bus and a shuttle I made it! I’ll be gone for a little while longer so the blog and my social media will be a bit quiet. In the meantime here are the best posts on health and happiness from this week! Get rid of chronic fatigue for good! Renting is the new black. I wish this was in Canada! Join the 21 day

This week was for getting ready for my trip to Whistler next week, spending some extra time in the sunshine, bonfires & teaching new private yoga classes. This weekend I’m celebrating my brothers birthday and relaxing a little bit more before a crazy 10 days of prenatal yoga teacher training.  Here are the best posts from this week… Improve your wellth with these simple changes I am obsessed with zucchini this summer. These look so delicious! Health doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these basic rules to see changes fast. 

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