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This week was for starting to tie up lose ends before my trip to Whistler in a couple weeks, tests meal prep for the upcoming Health & Happiness 7 Day Meal Plan, taking a break from reality tv after last weekends binge, and having tea with friends.  Here are the best posts on health & happiness from this week… Do you ever use mantra in your yoga practice? If you haven’t read Barack Obamas essay on feminism, now is the time to do it. ‘Happiness comes from living simply, while

Meditation is an easy, accessible, and inexpensive way for you to change your mood and shift your perspective   Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Recently it’s been studied in the scientific communities because of it’s life changing effects.  Reasons to start a meditation practice Helps you become happier Reduces the ‘monkey mind‘ Slows mental aging  Improves attention and ability to concentrate  Helps with anxiety and stress – which in turn improves your health In my life I’ve found that regularly meditating has made me better at controlling my emotions. Now, when

This week was for booking plane tickets to Whistler & Bali (!), filming a yoga webinar, making printouts for my upcoming meal plan and river tubing! This weekend is the first weekend all summer where I haven’t had big plans so I think I’m going to do some organizing and deck sitting. What do you have planned for the weekend? Here’s the best of health & happiness this week! Add these tips for great sleep to this 20 minute, before bed, yoga practice This women has my heart with her

Yoga is a powerful tool to improve your sleep. This 25 minute flow is perfect to do in bed so you can get your beauty sleep.   A few months ago I started waking up at 5 am so I could go to the gym early. I loved it so much! I’m one of those annoying people who talks about soaking in the quiet and getting so much done before anyone else is even awake. Sorry, not sorry. If I lived in an ideal world I would be in bed

This week was for…working my butt of because I’m going camping this weekend, making extra time for my yoga practice and coming up with delicious new recipes. This weekend I’ll be away for my boyfriends family reunion, wish me luck! Here’s the best posts of the week to get you through your weekend happy & healthy… A simple change in mindset could make your next workout easier Is your breakfast dessert in disguise?  Here’s how to prevent the most common type of injury If I lived in the USA I

Meal planning is the easiest way to create a healthy lifestyle! Meal planning and prep days have been super popular lately. Personally, I love to meal plan for the week and have a prep day where I get everything ready to go. We’re busy, ladies! Gone are the days of making a fancy dinner to be on the table at 5 pm every night. Now we go out with friends, cook for one, or eat at our desks – which I wouldn’t encourage but hey, it happens sometimes.  With the

This week was for getting back into running, going for hikes, teaching new yoga classes and making time for myself! I’ve got an exciting weekend planned including a social and yoga in the park of my hometown! Here are some of best posts this week to help you get inspired for your weekend. Let’s get to it! Cassie shares her favourite natural beauty products And these women are changing the world of natural beauty This watermelon margarita is definitely on my ‘to make’ list for this summer We all love

I wear a lot of jewellery but I don’t have a huge collection. I have a few favourites that I wear everyday. They’re items that my mom either made for me or gave to me, and a couple things I picked up travelling. It takes a lot for me to introduce new items into my collection but when I saw Kalula Jewellery I knew I had to have some of their pieces! Kalula Jewellery is designed with colour psychology in mind. Emma, the founder, designer and majorly brave boss, creates

  This week was for watching the Game of Thrones finally, getting down and dirty on blog plans and bit things coming up this summer, and writing my final exam! Today is Canada Day so I’m celebrating with a pool party and fire works then spending the weekend paint and relaxing at the beach. Before you dive into your weekend here’s the best posts on health & happiness.    Here’s the best stuff on the internet! I always struggle with finding unique gifts that my people will love. This gave

This week was for squatting 50 pounds, which is a huge accomplishment for me, making the most amazing iced teas, going to bed early and living in the comfiest romper. I know it sounds so exciting! I’ve been working extra this week, hence the boring recap, because my sister is home to visit next week so I’m taking time off! But no matter how busy I am I always make time for reading blogs. Here’s the best stuff I read this week. Who’s more important to you? Your significant other

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