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Water infusions are the simplest way to make delicious tasting drinks. Make these to improve your health, inside & out. Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do for your health and it has great rewards. Seeing as how over 70% of your body is made up of water it’s a no brainer that it’s good for you. Benefits of drinking enough water Increases energy Helps move food and waste through your body Improves skin Helps avoid headaches Reduces cramps – especially in your calves Helps you avoid snacking Improves

Bloating is one of the biggest issues for women. These drinks help to reduce bloating and taste great.  Bloating is one of my biggest health complaints and it’s also one of the ones I hear most often from other women. The main cause of bloating is poor digestion. When food isn’t digested properly in the stomach it moves into your small intestine before it’s ready. Here, it’s digested by bacteria and can putrefy and create gas. There are t0ns of things you can do to improve your digestion and we

Caesars are my go-to drink in the summer. They pair perfectly with nachos, sitting on the deck, and having a good time. Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write about this, I just love supporting brave brands that care about their customers and the planet. If you’ve never heard of a Caesar cocktail, not the delicious salad, it’s okay. You just haven’t spent enough time in Canada! Caesars are a vodka drink made with tomato juice mixed with clam juice, sounds gross but stay with me here, and spices.  The Caesar was

Meal planning is the easiest way to create a healthy lifestyle! Meal planning and prep days have been super popular lately. Personally, I love to meal plan for the week and have a prep day where I get everything ready to go. We’re busy, ladies! Gone are the days of making a fancy dinner to be on the table at 5 pm every night. Now we go out with friends, cook for one, or eat at our desks – which I wouldn’t encourage but hey, it happens sometimes.  With the

Tartegaurd is the natural sunscreen that every brave babe needs to have. This post is not sponsored. I’m just in love with this sunscreen. Recently I discovered the paradise that is Sephora.  I went in looking for bronzer, and I walked away with that plus an amazing natural sunscreen Tartegaurd. This is special to me for two reasons. One, it’s paraben and phthalate free (more on that later) and second, it doesn’t smell like cheap coconut scented sunscreen that I wore when I was 12. So for people who say that the

My morning beauty routine is my time to set the tone for my day and treat myself to some luxury. Mornings have always been my favourite time of day. Something about starting fresh each time I wake up feels so good. Who knows what today will have in store? Since I wake up pretty early (5 am wake up call!) I have lots of time to leisurely get ready for my day. Coffee, reading, work out or yoga then it’s time to get my beautiful self ready for the day!

Limiting toxins is the most important part of cleansing and detoxing. When you have fewer toxins entering the body you’ll need to do less work to eliminate them. This gives your liver a break, allows you to do detoxes less often and improves your health overall. Photo Courtesy of Maja Petric 5 Ways to Limit Toxins Eat organic and wash produce well It’s no secret that our food is sprayed with many dangerous chemicals. To limit the amount of toxins your ingesting it’s best to eat organic. For some people

It’s no secret that I’m a health nerd. I also really love reading, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning. I always have a book or two on the go, usually one to teach me something and another fun book to read before bed (50 shades anyone?). Here are my favorite books that inspire health & happiness. Hopefully you find them inspirational too! Crazy, Sexy, Diet by Kris Carr I recommend this book to everyone! Kris is living with cancer and she’s not only surviving, she’s made her life even

Cleaning fruit and veg before you eat it is an important part of a healthy diet. They’re sprayed with chemicals, touched by hundred of people and covered in wax to look shiny and delicious in the store. There’s a whole lot of gunk on your produce that you don’t want in your body so this makes cleaning them so important. There’s lots of produce cleaners you can buy but do you really want to use chemicals to clean off chemicals? Not to mention the perfumes and colors added to these

January seems like the perfect time to do a cleanse. If you’re like me you spent the last month eating too many cookies, drinking too much wine and not getting enough exercise. You’ve probably also have Instagram and Facebook feeds full of pictures of people doing juice cleanses. January is definitely one of the most inspiring times to get back on track but it may not be the healthiest time to do an intense cleanse. Our bodies are connected to the Earth and naturally change with the seasons. In the

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