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The excitement you feel when you fall in love with a new class is real! The teacher explains everything perfectly for you, the music is awesome, the time fits your schedule and you keep going back every week. Then you can’t make it one week, and the next you don’t feel like it and before you know it you haven’t been in over a month and you realize it’s because you got bored. So you try something new! You go crazy over it for six weeks then you get bored

I came up with this recipe one day and now I have it almost every morning. It’s so quick to throw together and keeps me full all morning. I was cursed, blessed, born with a high metabolism and I’ve always found it difficult to stay full and lots of times when a smoothie promises to keep me full I end up starving in a half hour. Thanks to the oatmeal and chia seeds this thing fills you up! Ingredients (I don’t measure so all amounts are approximate) Oatmeal – 1/2 cup Banana –

I asked for a neti pot for Christmas, I’m a big hippie obviously. I just started using it in the last couple weeks and it’s amazing how well it works. Being in the middle of winter it’s especially helpful since I seem to be having a constantly stuffed up nose and cold and flu bugs are everywhere. The neti pot helps clean out the germs and clear up your sinuses. Neti pots have been used for centuries in India and South Asia as part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda is

Smoothies are delicious as a snack or meal replacement but sometimes the time it takes to grab all the different ingredients and prepare them can seem like too much work. Since I  began having smoothies for breakfast everyday I’ve come up with some tricks to make the whole process quicker and more efficient. My Top Tips for Simplifying The Smoothie Freeze your greens – If you find greens at a good price buy a whole bunch of them, then as soon as you get home transfer them to freezer bags. This

One of my favorite things to drink is a smoothie. They’re so easy to mix up to fill me in the morning or give me an energy boost in the afternoon. When I first started making smoothies I would search the internet for recipes and they would have some crazy ingredient in them that I would have to go buy. I was also never sure what items would taste good together so I just didn’t make them that often. Lately I’ve been stocking up on the basics for smoothies and

Part three! Look at me being organized (mostly) and shit. This post is about using plants in your home to change the energy and how to avoid misusing them and creating bad energy. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has allergies so all the colorful flowering plants have to stay outside but there are still plenty of leafy plants I can have. Whenever I see a home filled with plants it makes me so happy, probably because my parents house is full of plants, but also because it adds so much life to any

I know this was supposed to go up last Friday but then life happened and it didn’t get done (or even started if we’re being honest). How did your spring cleaning go? I woke up the morning after doing mine and I was in the best mood because the house was clean, the dishes were washed and everything was put away. It was beautiful. Did you cleanse your house? I didn’t, cause you know, life. I was away in Winnipeg for two days and then away to home for Mother’s Day over

Even though spring officially started a month and a half ago the weather in Manitoba just got the message this week. I’ve spent the week with the blinds and windows wide open to get stagnant air out of the house and being outside as much as possible. This time of year is about starting new. Spring cleaning, of course, is at the top of everybody’s list along with gardening and getting rid of clutter but it’s got me thinking about the energy of my house. We moved in only a couple months

I have learned a lot over these last few weeks and I feel like I have something to share with anyone who wants to be healthy and fit but can’t find the motivation to stick with it. It’s been mostly a positive experience, minus the -40 weather that kept me indoors and not taking my beloved walks, so I feel like this is now a lifestyle, not just a resolution. Find Your Own Routine                                 

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