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Welcome to The Holistic Entrepreneur! The home for ambitious babes who want to get energized, kick stress & feel freaking fantastic! Click here to get started…                                   But first… I want to share with you how I can help you as your Holistic Health Coach.  I focus on three areas of your life: Nutrition and how the habits and ideas you’ve developed about the food you eat are effecting your overall health. You’ll learn how to

Search ‘bloating’ on Pinterest and you’ll get thousands of results. You can make a drink to get rid of your bloating, relieve gas with yoga, stop eating foods that cause bloating or rub on some essential oils. The problem with all of these quick fixes? None of them will actually get rid of your bloating for good. They focus on what to do when you’re already bloated or eliminate so many foods from your diet your left feeling unsatisfied and hungry on a diet of plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli. I

What if I told you that you’d never have to feel bloated and sluggish again? What if you could get rid of your bloating, lose weight now and feel like a goddess in your skin – just by switching up the foods you’re eating? Well Gorgeous, you can! Detoxing is the hottest thing in wellness right now, and for good reason. When you rock the detox: – You CAN boost your energy and go out for girls nights – You CAN feel confident in the crop tops stuffed at the back

Last week we talked about the 3 mistakes you make when you’re going after your health goals. I mentioned at the end that your why is a super important part of your success.  First of all, what is your ‘why’? Basically, your why is the reason behind your goal. It’s the motivation that gets you off the couch when it raining.  It’s why you do what you do. Like I mentioned last week, your why could be: revenge on your ex that told you you weren’t attractive since you gained weight

Are you sick of feeling bloated, tired and moody? You deserve to be healthy and happy! You have the power to feel like your best self, everyday. Does this sound like you?  Do you wake up and need three cups of coffee to feel like a human? Are you cranky and snap at your boyfriend for no reason? Do you get so bloated you can’t do up your favourite jeans? Are you sick of not liking the way you look? Are you tired of feeling like shit all day long? I