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Going after your health goals can be confusing, stressful and lonely. Here are 3 mistakes you’ve made and how to never make them again. In 2015 I started having some uncomfortable, and frankly embarrassing, issues with my stomach and digestion. It started slowly and then all of a sudden I’d be rushing to the bathroom 10 minutes after I ate. #TMI (I’m a nutritionist, sometimes I forget talking about poop isn’t normal to everybody) I was in the first year of a new relationship and I would worry that if

It’s a really sucky feeling when your people don’t support your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re working towards weight loss, a healthier diet, waking up earlier or saving money. There always seems to be people who want to keep you stuck.  Why is that? The real reason people don’t support your goals Truth bomb: it has nothing to do with you Abso-fucking-lutley nothing.  Your friends and family don’t support your goals because they’re caught up in their own shit.  Everyone has thoughts and perceptions about how the world is and most of us will

The Commandments of Living a Life You Love Living a life that you love doesn’t happen by accident or because of luck. And while for me living a life I love includes going for runs, practicing yoga and eating a paleo type diet that also isn’t want it means to live a life you love.  When you’re creating a life you love there are a few non-negotiable that have nothing to do with what you eat, wear or where you live. But it does have everything to do with how you think, act

This week was for relaxing in Bali, visiting ocean temples, watching fire dances, shopping and more shopping and planning exciting projects for the new year. Today also marks the launch of Hungry Happy Healthy, the ultimate 7 day meal plan for busy women! How exciting! Since the spring I’ve been working on creating this meal plan for you. I do what I do because I want to help women succeed and create a life they love. The best way to do this is to take care of your body. I’ve personally

I’m always looking for ways to drink more water. If I’m not paying attention I can get to mid-afternoon and realize I haven’t had one glass of water yet. But you know I’ve had my coffee. Does this sound like you too? I know that you know you need to drink more water. It reduces bloating, improves digestion, keeps your skin healthy and helps to avoid headaches. So instead of giving you a lecture here are the ways that help me drink more water in a day. Drink more water

Meal planning has been the biggest game changer for me to eat better, reach my goals and feel happier about my health journey. It’s helped me create a life I love by creating clarity in my diet and helping me stay on track with eating well. I love meal planning so much but I don’t always hear good things about it from other people.  There are a lot of myths about meal planning but you know what those myths really are? Excuses. They’re excuses to stay trapped in a mediocre life because

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Recently it’s been studied in the scientific communities because of it’s life changing effects.  Reasons to start a meditation practice Helps you become happier Reduces the ‘monkey mind‘ Slows mental aging  Improves attention and ability to concentrate  Helps with anxiety and stress – which in turn improves your health In my life I’ve found that regularly meditating has made me better at controlling my emotions. Now, when I feel myself getting stressed, angry or anxious I know how to control my breath to calm

I have learned a lot over these last few weeks and I feel like I have something to share with anyone who wants to be healthy and fit but can’t find the motivation to stick with it. It’s been mostly a positive experience, minus the -40 weather that kept me indoors and not taking my beloved walks, so I feel like this is now a lifestyle, not just a resolution. Find Your Own Routine                                 

Why do we learn algebra and history in school, things most of us never use again, when we spend most of our life in romantic relationships and never learn how to navigate them happily and healthy? Our biggest example of what a relationship should look like comes from our parents, and if they weren’t a good example, we’re pretty much left on our own. You could read magazines and discuss with your friends but lot’s of times that advice is given by people who are just as confused as you

Being grateful is something everyone is talking about. If you’ve read anything about creating a better life than I’m sure you’ve read all about why it’s good for you. The benefits are huge: less stress, better sleep, less anxiety, a better attitude and improved relationships. When things are going good it’s easy to be grateful. How can you not be thankful when you’re sitting around a table with your beautiful family or laying on a tropical beach somewhere? While it’s important to remain thankful for all the great things we have in

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