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Turmeric is an ancient spice that is perfect for the modern busy woman. Fight stress, colds and poor digestion with a Golden Goddess Latte. The star of the show Turmeric – This spice is the star of this show for good reason. Turmeric has been used in India and South Pacific countries for centuries. The myth of turmeric is that it can be used to prevent and treat tons of different health issues. I’m all for centuries old myths in my own life, I would never recommend something to you, lovely

This coconut matcha latte is super simple to make and a delicious alternative to your morning cup of coffee   A few weeks ago I was travelling back to Canada from Bali, about 35 hours of travel. I wanted to stay awake on the long haul flight so I could beat jet lag with minor difficulty so I got a triple shot latte. Normally, a latte is enough to keep me awake but even with three shots of espresso I still fell asleep an hour later. Fast forward to this past

This red lentil soup has quickly become my go to for busy weeknight dinners For me there’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with a hot cup of tea, knowing that a delicious pot of soup is boiling away on the stove. Something about soup is so appealing to me. It’s easy to make, heart warming, nurturing and there’s only one pot to clean after! I also love that it cooks itself. I don’t need to constantly watch the pot so I can focus on the rest of my

Salads are one of the most versatile meals you can make. Sometime they can be pretty boring though. Follow these simple steps to make your salads exciting and delicious.  Learning to make delicious and exciting salads is probably the best thing you can do for yourself when you’re working towards health and happiness. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation before when you’re trying to eat better and you make the same boring salad every day for lunch. Nothing will make you binge more than eating boring food! 5 easy steps

Bloating is one of the biggest issues for women. These drinks help to reduce bloating and taste great.  Bloating is one of my biggest health complaints and it’s also one of the ones I hear most often from other women. The main cause of bloating is poor digestion. When food isn’t digested properly in the stomach it moves into your small intestine before it’s ready. Here, it’s digested by bacteria and can putrefy and create gas. There are t0ns of things you can do to improve your digestion and we

Caesars are my go-to drink in the summer. They pair perfectly with nachos, sitting on the deck, and having a good time. Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write about this, I just love supporting brave brands that care about their customers and the planet. If you’ve never heard of a Caesar cocktail, not the delicious salad, it’s okay. You just haven’t spent enough time in Canada! Caesars are a vodka drink made with tomato juice mixed with clam juice, sounds gross but stay with me here, and spices.  The Caesar was

Juicy marinated chicken breasts packed with flavour. Perfect for the BBQ with all your favourite sides!   Summer technically started a couple weeks ago but for me it doesn’t really feel like summer is here until July. Summer makes me want to work less, be outside more and eat fresh, healthy food. Cooking in the house just doesn’t make sense when it’s already hot and something about BBQ food tastes so much better. The other day I had my family over for dinner and we cooked everything outside. Even with

I love Valentines Day! Not for the pink hearts and red roses but for the celebration of love. Love for yourself, your partner, your family, your friends, your pets, for everyone! I know people think you should show love everyday so why should there be one specific day for it? I agree with them, you should show your love everyday, but why not have a day where you can yell it from the rooftops? I’m not big into going out on the 14th. Maybe it’s because I serve and I see how inflated the

Eating a filling breakfast is something that’s difficult for me most days. I’ve shared before that I find it difficult to feel full and I’m left feeling hungry just a couple hours after eating. Oatmeal and yogurt with granola are my go-to’s but I easily get bored of them and sometimes I crave something more satisfying. I got the inspiration for this recipe from potato skins I had at a restaurant. They used regular potatoes but since I wanted a more nutritious option I swapped them out for sweet potato. I originally made these

It’s Christmas time! The holidays are full swing in my house because I am actually a Christmas elf. I watch all the holiday baking shows, I convinced my boyfriend he needed a tree and decorated it three weeks ago, I’ve watched Elf twice (and I’ll watch it at least two more times still) and tomorrow is baking day! Every year at work we do a cookie exchange. I like to keep it simple because I don’t want to get stressed out about making something fancy and have it turn out

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