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Having no energy sucks – especially when you have a business to run! As an ambitious babe you don’t have to time to waste feeling tired. In my experience most female entrepreneurs are walking around like zombies on the daily. I say no more! Take this quiz to find out what is making you so damn tired.  You’ll get some quick fixes that you can do right now to feel like you just chugged a latte. 

Free course to teach you how to be a master at meal planning, grocery shop like a pro and be a boss at meal prep When you think of meal planning do you think of plain chicken and rice? There’s so much more that than! There’s so many vague meal plans on the internet that make you eat chicken and broccoli every. single. day. Or how about slimy meals that have sat in your fridge for 6 days? Do you hate eating the same soup for 5 days? Guess what?

  This week was for catching up with friends and one adorable baby, making plans for winter business projects and going to Costa Rica! I arrived on Thursday afternoon and I’m here until mid November to soak up the sunshine and get my yoga on.  This is probably the best way to cook Sunday morning eggs I love this before bed routine from a sleep expert  This post knows me too well Here’s how to get back into that habit you stopped How delicious does this look? Ps. who else sings ‘Fergalicious‘ every time they spell ‘delicious’ 

This week was for early bedtimes, testing fresh summer recipes, visiting with girlfriends and doing a photoshoot! This weekend I’m heading out of town for a family wedding which will hopefully involve a lot of dancing and a couple glasses of wine.  Here are the best articles this week to entertain and inspire you! The easiest way to get rid of tension Have you been thinking of becoming a yoga teacher but somethings holding you back? Read this to let go of those worries I’m loving Amber Rose and this