I Changed My Life and You Can Too

I changed my life and you can too


Let’s take a trip back to 2009…

I was living in Vancouver, going to school and working three jobs. Every Friday afternoon I would rush from school to go to my job at a clothing store. On the way I would stop and pick up New York fries (because I was a carb-atarian) and a Monster energy drink to get me through the rest of the day. 

I didn’t know a lot of people in Vancouver. My sister was there, but she had a life to live too, and I had a few friends from school and work but no one I really spent a lot of time with.

I was lonely, unhealthy and a little depressed.

But during this time one amazing thing that did happen: it sparked my interest in holistic health.

I was always interested in wellness but during this time I became a vegetarian, thought ‘Skinny Bitch‘ was gospel, started doing yoga semi-regularly and got my first gym membership. 

Fast forward to 2013…

I was living back home in Manitoba but I was in a seriously unhealthy relationship and that summer we found out that my mom had breast cancer. During this time I discovered ‘Crazy Sexy Diet‘ and my mind was blown open to the world of holistic nutrition.

For the last year or so I was trying to figure out my place in the health world. When I discovered holistic nutrition it just felt right to me.

I remember sitting at my brothers kitchen table after a doctors appointment and researching all the schools in Canada that I could go to. This discovery planted a seed and a new life started to grow.

Welcome to 2016…

I finished school and knew I needed to buckle down and get my eating right. What good is a nutritionist if she doesn’t eat well?

Early this year I started planning my meals. Simply just deciding what I was going to eat a couple days a week and making sure I had all the ingredients. 

This grew into prepping my meals one day a week so I could have healthy food, faster. 

Then I started planning my meals for the whole week and prepping them. Right away I noticed my bloating wasn’t as bad, my energy was even, I didn’t get dizzy spells from low blood sugar and hangry happened a lot less often. 

Meal planning really did change my life

Once I learned how to properly plan my meals and prepare them ahead of time I started reaching my goals even quicker than I thought I could. And it didn’t stop there. By making one change to get me closer to being healthy it sparked the same drive in other areas too.

Having more energy has helped me make it to more yoga classes.

Not being bloated has inspired me to workout more. 

Knowing what healthy feels like keeps me drinking more water.

Even blood sugar means no emergency snacking on chocolate bars.

I’m not stopping there

2017 is going to be a big year for setting goals and not only achieving them, but blowing passed them. I already have plans for a major meal prep session with my boyfriend and tons of healthy recipes that need to be tested. 

What change have you made (or want to make) that has really sparked your health?


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