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I wear a lot of jewellery but I don’t have a huge collection. I have a few favourites that I wear everyday. They’re items that my mom either made for me or gave to me, and a couple things I picked up travelling. It takes a lot for me to introduce new items into my collection but when I saw Kalula Jewellery I knew I had to have some of their pieces!

Kalula Jewellery is designed with colour psychology in mind. Emma, the founder, designer and majorly brave boss, creates each piece to bring the wearer valuable health and wellbeing benefits. When you wear certain colours you change your vibrations and help yourself create a life that you love!

I first met Emma when we took Yin yoga teacher training together in Costa Rica. Have you ever met a person that you instantly connected with? When I met her I knew I needed to make this woman my friend. Near the end of our training she gifted me with a beautiful purple and mint friendship bracelet that I still wear to every yoga class I teach. 

Harmonious Soul Kalula Jewellery

Today we’re chatting with Emma about the inspiration behind her jewellery and what makes colour psychology so powerful.

What was your inspiration for creating Kalula jewellery?

E: It all started 3 years ago. I was looking for a nice beaded necklace but couldn’t quite find anything I liked. So, I decided to give it a go myself. I made The Turcosa Kalula Necklace.

It wasn’t until my boyfriend spotted something, that I realised the importance of colour. He commented that I would always wear something turquoise to work. I worked in a creative environment and knew that turquoise made me feel good. 

One day, I noticed that turquoise didn’t just lift my mood, it also boosted creative thinking! So, I did lots of research and stumbled across the science of colour psychology!

“Wow”, I thought, “the colour combinations in my necklace contributes to how I feel”! Everything started to unravel from there as I learned more and more about colour psychology and it’s health & wellbeing benefits.

Kalula Jewellery Beach Babe

What is it about colour psychology that made you want to use it for your jewellery line?

E: Colour is all around us. We are naturally attracted to certain colours depending on how we feel. This always works the other way around. Certain colours can CHANGE the way we feel for the better.

Take blue for example. If we’re really stressed out, surrounding ourselves with the colour blue immediately calms the brain, which in turn, calms the emotions and leaves us feeling at peace. This can be looking at something blue, such as the ocean, a piece of art etc. 

I saw how important it was to have access to the colours we need, so I thought jewellery was the perfect place to start. Some people may not want to dress head to toe in blue BUT wearing a blue necklace could work better. 

What was your inspiration behind the ‘For Friends’ project?

E: My friends who live abroad! I missed them terribly! I’ve always liked friendship bracelets but again, have never found something I particularly liked. So, I made my own! And surprisingly, other people like them too! It’s a beautiful expression of love & friendship which goes way beyond the norm.

Vibrant Soul Kalula Jewellery Necklace

How do you want people to feel when they wear your jewellery?

E: Free from stress & suffering! Colour allows us to embrace who we really are, what we really want and how we want to feel.

Colour affects our mood and by surrounding ourselves with colour that make us feel good, we feel happier and healthier. That positive energy spreads to our friends, families, and strangers passing us by on the street. It’s like a beautiful explosion of happiness!

By using specific colour combinations, Kalula Jewellery Necklaces can help you to feel better depending on what you need. For example, necklaces with blues and greens can help you feel calmer & more collected. Turquoise and purples can help you feel more creative and intuitive – the list is endless.

I get a lot of requests for custom Kalula Necklaces. People tell me how they would like to feel, or which colours they’re drawn to and then we create something personal. It’s my favourite part of the adventure, creating something special for someone. 

Kalula Jewellery Necklaces Babe

How do you hope Kalula jewellery impacts the world?

E: Kalula Jewellery’s mantra, #keeplifebeautiful, means a lot to me. It’s what I feel encompasses Kalula Jewellery’s mission on Earth. Embracing colour is an opportunity to tune in with ourselves & discover our true relationship with the world. 

Remembering to see the beauty in colour, ourselves & the world does wonders for our mental health. If ever in doubt, it’s lovely to know that nature offers the best colour therapy out there. She always has the time for us too. 

Keeping this in mind, I felt it was really important to embrace natural materials. So, in each Kalula Necklace, there are either semi-precious stones or wooden beads. Many people love to embrace crystals healing too, so moonstone is one of my all time favourite gems to use in custom designs. It’s incredibly calming & great for emotional cleansing.

“Keep Life Beautiful” recognises that is that everyone is different too. And  that everyone sees things differently. Remembering that and appreciating other people’s perspectives on life is what makes living so interesting. Listening, Learning and Sharing goodness brings peace to the world. 

Thanks Emma for sharing how you make the world healthier & happier!

Photos provided by Emma Brocklesby 

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