Hungry, Happy, Healthy

Are you sick of feeling bloated, tired and moody?

You deserve to be healthy and happy!

You have the power to feel like your best self, everyday.

Does this sound like you?  Do you wake up and need three cups of coffee to feel like a human? Are you cranky and snap at your boyfriend for no reason? Do you get so bloated you can’t do up your favourite jeans? Are you sick of not liking the way you look? Are you tired of feeling like shit all day long? I used to hate looking at my body in the mirror, constantly snapped at my boyfriend and mom (hangry girl!), would be so bloated I couldn’t do my job well and lived on coffee & poutine. It’s not easy to work hard, have a social life and take care of yourself.

If you’ve eaten take out everyday this week, raise your hand!


Meal Planning is THE THING that has made the biggest change in my health.

It made me feel like I had control over what went into my body. It improved my digestion, lowered my weight and got rid of cravings.  No more late night binging. No more being so hungry I eat whatever’s fast and easy. No more being bloated and gassy. No more stomach issues. No more afternoon energy crashes.

Why? Because I’m finally in control over what I eat.


You have a busy life & sometimes taking care of yourself comes last.

Second Truth:

It does not have to be this way.

You can and should be putting yourself first. You can do it in a way that won’t cost you any more money, time or effort. Actually, it will save you money, time and effort.

Sounds like a fantasy, right?

I can assure you it’s not. This is how I took charge of my health & happiness. And this is the reason I now have no complaints about how I feel. Now I can fit into my favourite clothes and not worry about hiding my belly. I wake up feeling actually awake and don’t run straight to the coffee pot. I have extra money to spend on an amazing bottle of wine. Most importantly, I love how I look and feel. I will never shy away from the mirror again.  I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher. With my experience in those two fields, plus a lifetime of reading every self-help book I can get my hands on, I’ve create a meal plan to help you feel healthy & happy, too.

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hungry_happy_healthy_cover_page_largeWhat is in the meal plan?

Hungry Happy Healthy teaches you how to never diet again and create food freedom.  You get:

 16 recipes

 Grocery list

 Recipe pairing guideline

 The truth about protein and fat

 List of Health & Happiness approved snacks

 Printable blank grocery lists

 The information you need to never calorie count again

Your plan is emailed to you instantly!



This means you...fig-972271_960_720

Save time : You’re busy and don’t have time to spend an hour making dinner every night. Just to eat it in 20 minutes. All of the
Hungry Happy Healthy meals can be made in less than a half hour so you have more time to enjoy your life. This plan also comes with a meal prep plan so you can cook once and eat for days. Then, all you have to do spend a few minutes to throw everything together and you’re eating in no time. Now you have more time for a yoga class, to take your dog for a walk or a relaxing bath.

Save money: Eating healthy can be expensive! Especially if you’re buying weird specialty things like acai berries and gluten free bread. This plan has none of that nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, those things are fun once in awhile, but when you eat them everyday they just lead to a huge grocery bill. Hungry Happy Healthy focuses on real foods that your Grandma has heard of. You won’t be running all over town looking for some special ingredient that costs as much as  pedicure and now you won’t be throwing out uneaten food either. No more half full jars of pasta sauce hiding in the back of your fridge. Now you have the money to buy a new dress, get your hair done or buy a good bottle of wine.

Reach your goals: No more getting in your own way! When you stick to a meal plan you get rid of temptation because you just don’t buy the junk food. The only person who can make or break your goals is you. Hungry Happy Healthy has your back, making sure you stay on track to create a life you love.