Infusing Positivity Into Your Home: Part 3

Part three! Look at me being organized (mostly) and shit. This post is about using plants in your home to change the energy and how to avoid misusing them and creating bad energy. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has allergies so all the colorful flowering plants have to stay outside but there are still plenty of leafy plants I can have. Whenever I see a home filled with plants it makes me so happy, probably because my parents house is full of plants, but also because it adds so much life to any room. Happy plants mean happy people live there.


I’m sure we all know that plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen to clean our air so if someone in your house has asthma plants could help. Did you know that at night this is reversed? It’s not a good idea to have a lot of plants in your bedroom because at night that take in oxygen and put out carbon dioxide, but a couple small ones won’t create any harmful effects.

Any plant will do the job but there are a few plants that have been said to increase certain energies. Bamboo is a great plant to have not only because it’s very easy to take care of but also because it promotes luck, jade is said to bring financial good fortune and peace lilies bring love and calmness. Succulents are also very low maintenance and are having a popular moment right now. You could even try making your own terrarium. Growing your own herbs makes your home smell delicious and when you use them in cooking you’ll be adding love into everything you make. Your food with literally be made with love. I’m so corny.

There are a couple more things you want to avoid so you don’t encourage negative energy; if you have cactus or any other thorny plants keep them near windows, this is said to keep intruders away, and away from main living areas; get rid of any dead or dying plants; and although beautiful, don’t have cut flowers since they are already dying from being taken away from the root.

Nurseries and garden centers are overflowing with beautiful plants right now so it’s definitely a good time to think about introducing a few of these plants into your home. You can even use color therapy in the pots you pick as well.

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