Reading Round Up: The best health blogs from April

The best health blogs of the month, rounded up, grab a coffee and enjoy

Hey, hey, hey! I hope you’ve had a fantastic April, beautiful. 

This month was jammed packed for me! Spring is starting here in chilly Manitoba, we had a freak snow storm that fell on the day I was driving in Winnipeg (which gives me major anxiety) to record audio for an exciting yoga project I have coming up (which was also making me nervous). Moral of the story? I came out alive and you can too.

Goal for May: Challenge your fears

Comment below and tell me how you’re going to do that.

In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine and settle in for the best health blogs from the past month!

Cheers, babe!


Sleep is sooooo important for your health but it’s often overlooked. Dr. Kristine Newman is a pro at teaching how to add deliberate rest and restorative sleep into your life. Man, I need this!

Are you a mama to be? You’ve got a lot on your plate lady, how does a self-guided Pregnancy Self-Care Retreat sound? Ps. Lynn is a boss at pre-and-post natal care so get ready to devour all the videos.

Eating PFC – protein, fats and carbs – has CHANGED MY DIGESTION! For the best of course. Learn more about eating PFC from Emily. She’s a total boss when it comes to eating well!

Do you talk to yourself in a not-so-great way? Who doesn’t? Grace will help you transform your negative self-talk in just 5 days!

Do you want to learn more from these badass wellness queens? I’ve interviewed all of them on the Hell Ya! Livecast. Go here to register and you can find all the replays in the Facebook Group. 

Popcorn is my FAVOURITE! Here are 13 recipes to spice up your popcorn

Not sure what to eat before your workout? Not even sure why that’s important? Here are 20 things to chow down on before you workout.

I am IN LOVE with this idea of planning 3 month goal ‘sprints’ instead of charging head first into a huge goal. 

Ps. are you interested in crushing your goals? The newest round of Get Your Ass In Gear starts on May 1! Find out more and register for it here.

Decision fatigue is a real thing. I’ve been doing lots of research into it to find out how to control it to help you get closer to your health goals.  

Do you have daily non-negotables that keep you sane?

When is the last time you did something that made you forget to check your phone?

Here’s a different – and much healthier – point of view on ‘sweating for the wedding’

Creating a consistent bedtime and morning routine is always at the top of my to do list – but never seems to get done…

I’m always on the hunt for conscious athletic wear brands. If you have a favourite LET ME KNOW!

How do you take care of yourself when the world seems so insane? Here are some amazing – and do able – ideas.

Bravery can mean something different to everyone. Here are 8 different kinds of brave.

Ramen is so delicious! But no salty and unhealthy! Here’s a bomb, healthy version of ramen that I’ll be eating all summer. 

ICYMI: The commandments of living a life you love. 5 things to do when your people don’t support your goals. 3 mistakes you make when you’re going after your health goals. The reason your why is so important.

I’m also launching a free course: 10 days to MASTER MEAL PLANNING. It starts on Monday so make sure you register now! You’ll learn how to never eat slimy 6 day old meals again, get rid of boring chicken, rice and broccoli and not get sucked into eat leftovers 3 days in a row. JOIN NOW – did I mention it’s free?



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