5 Reasons Now Is The Best Time to Set a Resolution

This year was no different than any year before. December starts and past all the Elf showings and Christmas music there’s that little voice that says ‘You need to set a resolution. This year needs to be awesome.’

Every year I fall for it.

I fall for the excitement of the new year. I get caught up in buying new planners and colourful pens. I get so fucking pumped to make this the best year ever!

And honestly, I did pretty good this year. I haven’t given up exercising, I still have my yoga practice and I keep on meal planning and prepping. 

My New Years Resolution was actually to have more fun which I can say I haven’t been great at but definitely better than before. I’m even planning on renting a car and cruising around New Zealand for a few days. Learning to drive on the other side of the road = scary and fun.

Did you know that 42% of people say that they never follow through on their New Years Resolutions?

I don’t blame them! 

The gyms are crowded, it’s cold as hell in January if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are short and all the cheerleading to ‘just do it’ is frankly, a little annoying at times.

So what’s a lady to do?

This lady likes to binge watch Criminal Minds and cuddle with my kitten on cold winter nights. 

This lady would rather sip tea and read a good book than force myself to do a juice cleanse while it’s -40 outside.

This lady know that anytime is a good time to set a resolution, not just when an arbitrary date rolls around once a year.

This also goes for Mondays, the first of any month or the start of a new season.

Anytime is a good time to set a resolution and make a change. 

5 reasons now is the best time to set a resolution

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It will only get worse

Your life will stay exactly the same as it is if you don’t do something about it. Actually, it will probably get worse. Sorry, not sorry, to say it but it’s true.

You’ll only gain more weight, date more assholes or be lonelier. 

I know it sounds harsh but stay with me. You’ve been letting this go on for too long and you need a slap in the face to wake you up. 

If you don’t make a change now it will only get worse

Imagine what your life will look like in 3 months if you don’t make a change.

What about 3 years?

Every choice you make is a chance to start again

No more of this ‘I’ll start on Monday,’ ‘At the beginning of the month I’ll do better,’ ‘January 1st is the best time to change,’ bullshit.

It’s bullshit.

Every single choice you make is a chance for you to change your life. Just because it’s Thursday and you’ve eaten junk food all week does not mean you have to keep eating shit until Monday, because that’s the only appropriate time to start something new. 

Just because you haven’t been to the gym in months does not mean you have to wait till the first of the month to sign up.

Every time you put something in your mouth, sit down for a Netflix marathon or get asked out by a jerk is a chance for you to change. It’s a chance for you to get off of the merry-go-round you’ve been on and go a different way.

When have given up just because the timing didn’t seem right?

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Your life wont change unless you do

You’re the only person who has control over your life. Read that again, I’ll wait.

You are the only person who has control over your life.

It needed repeating because it is so important for you to understand. You are the one that chooses to eat McDonalds for lunch. Yes, your boyfriend suggested it but you’re the one that said yes.

You’re the one that chooses to not go to the gym. Yes, your boss asked you to stay late but you’re the one who agreed.

You have complete control over what happens in your life. No, you can’t control how other people behave towards you but you get to decide how you respond and react.

You are a powerful woman! 

You need to plan your life around your goals, not your goals around your life

Does this sound familiar? ‘I would go to the gym but I don’t have time,’ ‘I would cook at home more but it’s easier to pick up food,’ ‘I would read a book but I’m too tired.’

What excuses are you making in your life? Fill in the blanks:

I would ________ but ________

Now that you know where you make excuses for yourself, you can change them. Plan to go to the gym before work because you know you’re always too tired afterwards. Make a meal plan, order your groceries online and prep your food so you don’t have to get fast food.

Plan the things you need to do to reach your goals before anything else. Before you plan a date night, plan your healthy meals at home. Before you plan a girls night out, plan your workouts. 

Fill in your info below to grab a free calendar to plan your shit and get your ass in gear.

You’ve created this life and you can make it whatever you want

You created the life you live, for better or worse. Just like you have a choice to change things, in the past you have made choices that lead you to where you are now.

You’ve chosen to not do the work to love yourself and not date assholes.

You’ve chosen to watch Gilmore Girls reruns instead of go for a run.

You’ve chosen to let your life be focused on other peoples needs and not your own. 

Look at your life… what decisions have you made in the past that have lead to the unhappiness you’re feeling now?

One final note…

I know I can be a little harsh (or a lot, depends who you ask) but that’s because I want you to wake up. I want you to open your eyes to the way things have been so you can harness your power to change it and create a kick ass life.

All the decisions you’ve made in the past, everything that has lead you to where you are now, was meant to happen. Life gives us struggles and challenges to build us up to be strong women. You learn from your mistakes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or as Maya Angelou said ‘when you know better you do better.’

There is no blame, shame or guilt in the decisions of your past. Do not beat yourself up with negative talk for the things you have done. They can’t be changed so they don’t deserve your attention.

Focus on what you can do moving forward, focus on the positive, focus on yourself and I promise you your life will be better than you could ever imagine.

Peace, love & gym memberships,



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