The Smoothie Series: Simplifying The Smoothie

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Smoothies are delicious as a snack or meal replacement but sometimes the time it takes to grab all the different ingredients and prepare them can seem like too much work. Since I  began having smoothies for breakfast everyday I’ve come up with some tricks to make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

My Top Tips for Simplifying The Smoothie

  • Freeze your greens – If you find greens at a good price buy a whole bunch of them, then as soon as you get home transfer them to freezer bags. This way you can save money by buying in bulk and not have to worry about your greens going bad before you can use them. There’s lots of tricks out there for how to freeze greens but for me I just fill up a freezer specific zip close bag and squeeze all the air out. You can date and label them if you’re worried about loosing track of what you’ve got.
  • Freeze bananas – Peel and slice bananas before they start to turn brown and throw them in the freezer the same way you would with greens. Not only does it help portion control for your smoothies but frozen bananas also make a great treat on their own or blended with some milk.
  • Wash all your produce when you get it home  – I actually don’t do this one BUT I SHOULD!  I’m awful and don’t wash any of my produce other than a quick rinse which, let’s not fool ourselves, does nothing. You can soak the produce in a mix of vinegar and water to take off any wax and pesticides. I’ve also been told this helps your produce last longer.
  • Have a dedicated space – Set your blender up right near a cupboard that can fit your dry ingredients. I always forget to add cinnamon because it’s in a different spot that my chia, oatmeal and spirulina. If you have the space to organize everything efficiently you’re more likely to use it all.
  • Create portion bags – This is a good tip I found on pinterest. One night a week, when you have some extra time, portion your fruits and vegetables. Cut them up then toss them in the freezer. You could take it one step farther and portion your dry ingredients together in little jars. This way all you have to do is dump out a pack and add your liquid.
  • Make smoothies in batches – My dad is a truck driver which means he doesn’t always have access to healthy meals. He’s started making a big batch of smoothies on the weekend and portioning them into bottles. He then freezes the bottles to take on the road. At night he pulls one out of the freezer and by morning it’s thawed and ready to enjoy! I wouldn’t suggest keeping a weeks worth of smoothies in the fridge because this will cause the enzymes form the fruit and veg to deplete, but freezing stops this from happening.

Do you have any tips for making smoothies? Have you ever tried any of these tips?

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