Sunday Tea Time

Well hello again Lovelies! It’s been quite sometime since I popped in here on a Sunday! I have been busy, busy but summer is finally here and it’s time to take it easy. I’ve decided to make Tea Time the last weekend of the month. Enjoy all the great stuff I read in June!

Sunday Tea Time 2

Valley Paradise Yoga Festival is coming up in a couple months! I hope to see you guys there!

An Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic to help fight inflammation

Mood boosting street art

Self-love doesn’t have to mean bubble baths and meditation

I used to be a vegetarian and I dated meat eaters. This always came up

You know I love a little kindness

I think it’s so cool to hear the things people don’t tell you

Don’t punish yourself for eating that delicious cake

Stop believing the lies!

I always see 1234. What are the numbers trying to tell us?

The chemicals in sunscreen aren’t that safe so let’s make our own!

I love this rant about advertising products as ‘a good source of calcium’

Let’s stop thinking we’re entitled to everything

Being skinny doesn’t equal being fit 

Our bodies are so interesting! Let’s learn about our microbiome

Living life Hawaii style

I really enjoy doing bodyweight exercises

Just because you’re not all about yoga every second of the day doesn’t mean you’re not a real yogi

Take your yoga practice to your non-yoga workout

I love this so much!!

Listening to your body is the best diet to be on

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