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Hello beautiful! This week was for cuddling with my new kitten, early birthday dinners & parties and jet setting to Bali for another yoga teacher training!  I’ll be there for three weeks seeing monkeys, shopping, yoga-ing & meeting an awesome new group of soon to be teachers.

If you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher one day find out more details here.

My friend Melissa started an awesome Youtube channel about healthy living & cooking. Her omelette recipe looks amazing, I know I’ll be making it all the time when I’m home.  

I love this woman story of working out for her first time ever as an adult

I listened to this podcast on the plane & now I’m so inspired to plan the shit out of my life!

Here are some not so common tips on keeping your house clean once & for all

Do you dream of being a morning person? This sleep plan will help….

….and this morning routine will make you excited to wake up!

This is a perfect breakfast for the holidays. Simple & delicious. 

Incase you missed it, this week I talked about 3 myths of meal planning and I’ve included a free healthy holiday planner for you!

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